Our philosophy at DeveloperFair is simple. We want to provide the absolute best environment for businesses and software developers to work together. We care deeply about both sides of the table. We want entrepreneurs and businesses to have access to top talent without any of the typical risks associated with engaging freelance developers. At the same time we want software developers to have an unrivalled experience working with reputable companies, enjoying the benefits associated with freelance work without any of the typical drawbacks.

To achieve this goal we only work with reputable businesses and software developers. We employ stringent checks and balances to ensure all parties receive the best possible experience. We believe both software developers and the businesses that hire them have an unconditional right to be treated fairly and will do everything in our power to make that a reality.

Legal information

Devsource Limited, trading as DeveloperFair, is a private company limited by shares registered in Ireland.

Company Number: 557498 VAT: IE3336318LH


Our terms and conditions can be viewed here and our privacy policy viewed here.


For any press related enquiries please email press@developerfair.com


For any non-support, company related enquiries please email info@developerfair.com


How does DeveloperFair work?

DeveloperFair pairs quality, independent software developers with entrepreneurs and businesses. We work in the background throughout the whole development process, from idea (project specification) through to development, support and maintenance, making sure everything runs smoothly.

After working with one of our developers to create a project specification, outlining the technical requirements, approximate budget and timeline, we personally pair you with a developer who is most suited to work with you on the project. You work closely with the developer building the project while we handle all the background stuff so you can focus on what's important, your project!

How do you make money?

We charge a fixed service fee which is included in the price.

How do I know my developer knows his/her stuff?

We have a stringent seven stage screening process for all developers that apply to join the DeveloperFair platform. This screening process means we only approve quality, independent software developers (never agencies, companies or 3rd party developers).

How am I protected?

Our mission at DeveloperFair is to provide the best possible experience for both businesses and developers alike. We believe that prevention is better than cure. We take every step to ensure you end up working with a quality, reliable software developer.

In the unlikely event something goes wrong we have measures in place to protect both parties. You can read more about these protections here.